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Let the Pieces Fall pt.2 
05 June 2007 @ 10:07 pm
one less minute
Title: Let the Pieces Fall
Part: 2: Disco Balls and Phone Calls
Author: Me :)
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Ship: Rory/Logan
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Post Jews and Chinese Food with a lot borrowed from So... Good Talk.
Summary: Logan's life gets shaken up and the falling pieces affect his relationship with Rory.
Status: in progress

As she pulled into the driveway Rory could see a twinkling light shining through the windows of the garage. When she shut the engine off she could hear the Bee Gees playing. She gathered up her belongings and dropped them on the front porch before heading to the garage. Inside, the only light was coming from the spotlight that shined on the disco ball that hung, rotating, from the rafters. The walls were freshly painted in bright pink and blue divided by a band of sparkling gold glitter. Lorelai was sitting in one of two patio chairs with a small plastic table set up between them. On the table was an open bottle of sparkling cider and two empty disposable champagne flutes, one of which had clearly been used. Lorelai was drinking out of a third.

She jumped out of her chair when Rory came through the door. “Hey! You found me!”

“Yeah, well the garage doesn’t usually look like a set from Saturday Night Fever.”

“Isn’t it great? Sookie and I did it. Michel helped too.”


“Apparently he comes from a long line of stencilers.”

Rory shook her head in wonder. “Just when you think you know someone…”

“…They go and stencil your garage,” Lorelai finished, nodding agreeably.

“Well, send Michel my complements because the place looks fantastic. I can’t believe you guys did this!”

“I know! Now come sit down.” Lorelai pulled Rory over to the patio chairs. “A little bubbly?” she offered, filling the clean flute full of cider.

Rory took the glass and her seat and watched the patterns of light swirl around her. “Where’d the disco ball come from?”

“It was in a closet.”

“In this house?”

“No, Donna Summers’s. Yes in this house.”


Lorelai shrugged. “I forgot I had it. If I had remembered it sooner I would have put it up in the kitchen.”

“Naturally. So,” Rory twirled the stem of her flute in her fingertips. “Is this in honor of the redecoration?”

“Yeah, Sookie brought it over along with a bunch of leftovers from the inn.”

“Aww, mean! You know I have to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for dinner tonight.”

“No you don’t. Call and cancel. Tell them you’re very sorry but you were on your way home when you got a flat tire so you called a tow truck, but when it got there the driver only had one arm and then there was a flood and the driver had a rowboat but it took forever to get anywhere in it because he insisted on rowing, and you just can’t row that quickly when you only have one arm.”

“Haven’t we tried that one before?”

“Once. Maybe twice. I’m positive no more than three times.”

“Well, if you’re that certain…”

Lorelai raised her right hand. “I swear on my mother’s life.”

“That’s reassuring,” Rory said, rolling her eyes.

“What?” Lorelai asked innocently. “I don’t wish her dead, just far, far away from me.”

“Forget it, I’m going. I want to ask Grandpa how their trip to Europe went.”

“Fine, I’ll just save you some food for when you get back, because after an evening with the Gilmores you will have died a little inside and will need something to fill the space.”

Rory downed the rest of her cider and set the plastic flute on the table. “Are we going to start hanging out in the garage now?” she asked slowly.

“Lorelai looked around at her special new room. “Only when disco fever grips me.” Her eyes stopped on a spot on the far wall. She squinted in the dim light of the disco ball to try to discern what she was seeing.

Rory noticed her mother’s stare and followed her eyes to the wall. “What is that?”

“I don’t know. It looks kind of big to be a spider.”

“Whatever it is, it just moved, so unless you want to find out--”

“We’re out of here,” Lorelai interrupted her. She flipped the switch to turn off the light and the music and the two of them rushed into the front yard. “I knew there was a reason we never used the garage.”

“Well, there’s that and the fact that you can’t see the TV from there.”

“And no easy snack access.”

“Disco fever still gripping you?” Rory asked, picking up one of her bags.

Lorelai grabbed the other and led the way into the house. “Disco is dead,” she paused for a moment. “At least for tonight.”

Rory caught a glimpse of the clock. “I need to go change if I’m going to make it to dinner on time,” she said.

“Fine,” Lorelai sighed. “If you’re so intent upon ruining a perfectly good Friday evening.” She dropped Rory’s bag in her room and moped her way out to the kitchen.

Rory was just about dressed when she heard Yvonne Elliman’s If I Can’t Have You coming from outside her room. She quickly zipped up and followed the music to the living room where she found Lorelai dancing around the couch.

“I thought disco was dead,” she called over the music to her mother.

Lorelai just gave her a broad smile and continued dancing. Rory joined her for the next couple of songs. Some things were worth making her a little late.

* * * * *

Rory wrapped her arms tightly around her belly in a futile attempt to stop her stomach from growling. Had it been four or five hours since they’d had ice cream? Another massive growl erupted and Rory decided it must have been five.

Lorelai had taken the day off so the two of them could spend it shopping. It had been quite a successful outing. The back seat of the Jeep was piled high with bags. They were on their way home and, for Rory, they couldn’t get there soon enough. She glanced again at the clock display on the stereo and tried to focus on the story her mother was telling her about Michel’s most recent treatment of the Dragonfly Inn’s more eccentric guests.

Her mind quickly wandered again because the next thing she heard was Lorelai yelling “Hey!”

Rory snapped her attention back. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Whatcha thinking ‘bout?” Lorelai asked in an overly gossipy tone.

“Nothing,” Rory replied, hoping it came out as casually as she intended. “I’m just so hungry I can’t concentrate on anything else.” It was true, but her empty stomach was hardly what was monopolizing her attention.

Rory hadn’t heard a thing from Logan since before she’d left Yale more than five days ago. She had been obsessively checking her cell phone for the past few days, hating that it made her so anxious. To make matters worse, when they had left the house that morning she had forgotten to grab her phone off the charger where she had put it the night before. Not being able to check it was making her even crazier. She willed the Jeep to go faster or the road to get shorter, or whatever else would get them home faster.

While Lorelai suspected there was more to it than Rory was letting on, she let it go and instead they discussed what they wanted for dinner. When they couldn’t choose between pizza and Chinese, they went with their own brand of fusion cuisine and decided to order them both.

As soon as the Jeep had slowed to a stop in the driveway Rory hopped out and quickly gathered together the bags from the back seat. When her hands were full she shut the door with her hip and started hurrying towards the door. A wave of self awareness hit her and she realized how ridiculous she was acting. Logan had said he’d call over vacation, but because he hadn’t called yet didn’t mean that he wouldn’t call at all. Rory chastised herself for getting so worked up over a simple phone call. She took a breath and put away her house key that she had pulled out of her purse so she wouldn’t have to wait for her mother to open the door. She walked back to the Jeep to make sure Lorelai could handle the rest of the bags and then the two of them entered the house together.

They dropped the bags on the kitchen table. Lorelai went to get the phone to order dinner. Rory casually rifled through a few of the bags before grabbing a couple of hers and taking them to her room. She redeposited the bags on her bed and looked over at the phone on its charger. After a moment the little light on the front blinked red, indicating a message. Her stomach gave a little flip of excitement. All resolve to stop acting like a spaz forgotten, she rushed over and flipped the phone open.


Her thumb quickly navigated to her messages and she opened it up.

“This is just a reminder that your bill is due on…”

Disappointed, Rory snapped the phone shut without listening to the rest of the recording. She was about to set the phone down on her nightstand when it began to ring. She checked the caller ID display. Logan. Her stomach flipped again and a smile spread across her face as she opened the phone up again.


“Hey there Ace,” Logan’s voice came cheerfully over the line. “How are you doing?”

Rory plopped down on her bed. “I’m good. My mom and I did some major shopping today, and what day isn’t good with new shoes are involved. How’s the cabin?”

“Very small at times, but things here are great. The snow’s been perfect, so the skiing’s awesome. The helicopter we chartered to take us to the backcountry ended up having mechanical problems, but we’ve rescheduled for later in the week.”

“You’re taking a helicopter to go skiing?”

“Yeah, it’s the only way to get to the back of mountain.”

Rory could hear loud music and voices in the background. Occasionally she would recognize Colin or Finn’s voices among the noise, but she was having trouble understanding more than snippets.

“Where are you?” she asked.

“Just outside the first bar of the evening. And, lucky for us, it’s karaoke night so I’m sure Finn will be gracing us with his lack-of-talent before too long.”

“So no arrest warrants have been issued yet?”

Logan laughed, “No, but the night is still young.”

“Yeah, Mom and I were planning on knocking over a liquor store, but after shopping I was too hungry so we came straight home.”

“You mom’s making dinner?” Logan asked.

It was Rory’s turn to laugh. “She’s making phone calls for dinner. And then the nice people at the pizza parlor and at Al’s Pancake World will deliver it. No cooking required.”

Logan hesitated for a moment. “You’re having pizza and pancakes?”

“No, pizza and Chinese food.”

“But you said ‘Al’s Pancake World.’”

“Al makes everything, although not all at the same time. He goes through phases.”

Rory could hear Logan’s muffled voice talking to someone for a couple of seconds. “I guess Finn’s about to make his big debut. I’m getting called back inside,” he said when he came back on the line.

“You wouldn’t want to keep the talent waiting,” Rory said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

“Well, unfortunately for the talent, Finn’s got the mic and he’s a bit of a fame whore.”

Rory heard the opening to Baby, One More Time in the background and couldn’t help but smile. It was bound to be a breathtaking rendition.

“Logan, come on!” Rory heard a female voice shout over the music.

“I’m sorry to cut this short, Ace, but I can’t miss this.”

“It’s okay, just let me know how the night turns out.”

“Better yet, why don’t we all go out to karaoke sometime? I’m sure Finn would be thrilled to give you a repeat performance,” Logan offered.

“He does enjoy having an audience,” Rory agreed.

“That he does. Enjoy your dinner.”

“Enjoy Finn’s public humiliation.”

“Will do. Talk to you later, Ace.”

“Bye Logan.”

She clicked the phone shut and set it on her nightstand before padding out to the living room. Lorelai was on the couch flipping through channels on the TV. When she heard Rory coming she turned and smiled at her.

“Food should be here in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank God.”

She sat on the couch, pulling her legs up underneath her. They both watched the channels flicker by for a few moments before Lorelai asked “Was that Logan?”

“Um… yeah.”

“So is there something going on between you to?”

“You could say that.”

“Of course I can say that. I got front row seats to that.”

“Rory blushed, remembering her grandparents’ vow renewal reception. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Oh, no, it’s fine. It was a less proud ‘that’s my girl’ moment, but you are your mother’s daughter. So really, it’s okay.”


“So are you two together?”

“No,” Rory answered, choosing her words carefully. “We’re just… dating right now. We’re keeping things casual.”

“Right,” Lorelai said. She didn’t like how it sounded, but was trying to keep her mouth shut.



“Since we’re on the subject, there’s more I want to tell you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Logan’s my second,” she said without preamble.

“Your second?”

“Yeah, as in ‘Dean was my first.’ Logan’s my second.”

“Oh! Your second. When did this happen.” Lorelai immediately realized what she had just asked and threw her hands up. “Don’t answer that.”

Rory gave her a nervous smile. “I just wanted you to know.”

“Wow, so, that’s a big deal,” she said, still processing the information.

“It is.”

“But you’re not together?”

“Not exclusively. We can see other people.”

“You’re seeing other people?”

“Well, no, but I could.”

“Is he seeing other people?”

Rory’s uncomfortable look was enough of an answer to Lorelai.

“Are you okay with this?”

“I am,” Rory answered quickly. “We discussed everything in the beginning and we agreed to just date.”

“I’m sorry, kid,” Lorelai said, her voice softening a bit. “But this has me a little worried. I mean, it doesn’t sound like you. You’ve never been ‘dating girl’ before.”

“I know, but I’m trying something new,” she tried to reassure her mother. “I like Logan, and I like our relationship. It’s a change for me, yes, but I’m happy. That’s what matters, right?”

It all sounded a bit too practiced to Lorelai, but she didn’t want to push the issue. Instead, she smiled and said, “Right. If you’re happy than I am too. Happy for you, that is. And Logan, I suppose, because he’s getting one hell of a girl in this deal.”

She looked like she wanted to say more, so when she hesitated Rory prompted her to continue.

“It’s just…” Lorelai took a deep breath. “Can I just say something you may not want to hear, and then I promise never to bring it up again?”


She took another deep breath before continuing. “You are my beautiful, intelligent, incredible daughter and any guy would be lucky to date you exactly the way you are. So when I hear that you to are… being together… casually, it just doesn’t sound like the Rory I know.” She paused for a moment. “You should never have to change who you are for a guy.”

Rory didn’t say anything, she just nodded slowly, so Lorelai continued.

“I know that’s such a ‘mom’ thing to say. Part of me knows that you’re smart and mature enough to make your own decisions and live your own life, but to the other part you’re still my baby girl. I promise to keep the latter half in check. Just promise me that you’ll be careful, angel, because I don’t want to see you get hurt by this.”

Rory nodded again. “I promise.” Her mother was right, she hadn’t really wanted to hear it, as it mirrored many of her own thoughts she had been trying to squash. Lorelai had meant well and Rory didn’t want to get in an argument over it so she turned back to the TV.

“So, what were you thinking about watching?” she asked, changing the subject.

“I thought we’d start with a salute to last year’s spring break.”

Beach Party? Spring Break?”

Kissing Jessica Stein.”

“Ugh, Mom!”

* * * * *

A persistent beeping woke Rory out of a dead sleep. Spring break over, it was her first night back at Yale. At first she thought the beeping was her alarm clock, but it didn’t sound quite right and she could tell without opening her eyes that it was still dark. Waking up slightly, she realized it was her phone. She groggily reached for it and, sure enough, she had a text message. It was from Lorelai.

“Luke & I back together. Will call tomorrow with details.”

Rory set the phone back on her nightstand before falling back asleep with a smile on her face.
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